Our smaller wooden playhouses are constructed and completely assembled in our Los Angeles workshop. Then we separate them into panels. We then deliver the panels to your home. This innovative technique allows for delivery and easier access to yards with more constricted entry. Any playhouse over 6' x 8' will be built entirely on the premises.

A level hard surface is required for proper installation. A cement pad is preferable. Other acceptable surfaces include a wooden deck or gravel over hard packed earth. This is extremely important and should be handled in advance. If we find that the surface requires leveling at the time of installation we will take care of that at an additional charge. It is then a fairly simple matter to 1) reattach the panels, 2) apply the trim, the flower boxes or other upgrade options you may have chosen, and 3) add some finishing touches. The entire installation process can usually be completed within several hours.

The photos below depict a typical installation. Click on any photo to take a closer look.